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Findhorn, Scotland - From Trauma to Transformation

From Trauma to Transformation

International presenter Jeffery Olsen returns to Findhorn to share his extraordinary journey of healing and deepening connection with the divine following a devastating car crash and Near Death Experience. He is joined by Jeff O'Driscoll MD, an ER physician involved with Olsen's critical care immediately following his fatal automobile accident.

In 1997 Olsen experienced a tragic automotive crash that took the lives of his wife and youngest son, leaving him in hospital with multiple life-threatening injuries. Clinging to life, he glimpsed realms beyond the physical, experiencing the unconditional love that is the source of all life — the love that is eternally accessible to us all. Dr. Jeff O'Driscoll, whilst overseeing the trauma team working to save Olsen's life, felt the presence and experienced communication with Olsen's deceased wife.

Olsen and O'Driscoll became friends after Olsen's six-month stint in the hospital, a friendship that has continued for twenty years. Now, they publicly share what they have learned from their Near-Death and Near-Life Experiences, expounding on their insights and deepened spirituality gained from what they have learned.

Olsen and O'Driscoll will combine their perspectives as doctor and patient and share their experiences amid tragedy, death and everyday life. Join us in this unique opportunity to engage the senses of the human spirit. Learn about:

·      finding wholeness through tragedy;

·      tools that will support you to choose joy;

·      processes of physical and emotional healing;

·      finding satisfaction through the simple things of life;

·      transforming faith and hope into absolute trust;

·      exploring the power of choice, and;

·      how moment-to-moment decisions can greatly influence your earthly experience. 

You will return home from this unique encounter with tools to notice and embrace the miracles in everyday events. Give yourself the gift of this unique encounter and open a new awareness of who you are spiritually.

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Click image above for details and to register.