Who is @ONE

@ONE is a multifaceted organization working to bring science, medicine and spirituality together in a quest for common ground. Through hosting memorable events, publishing profound books, promoting key scientific research and gathering medical testimonials, we strive to create safe venues for people to connect and discuss their experiences. Our purpose is to inspire the human spirit toward higher consciousness, bringing more peace, unity, and love into this world.  

@ONE Co-Founders: Tracy Coen & Jeffery C. Olsen

@ONE Co-Founders: Tracy Coen & Jeffery C. Olsen


Tracy Coen


Co-Founder (Scientific)

Franklin & Marshall College, 1987

Co-Founder, Paradigm Associates, Braintree, MA - Employee Benefits Consulting firm.

Advisory Board Member, Division of Perceptual Studies at University of Virginia in the field of neuroscience and the evolution of consciousness. Interested in how science gives credibility to non-ordinary experiences. More Information


Jeffery C. Olsen

Co-Founder (Spiritual)

Utah State University, 1988

Former Executive Director, ThomasARTS, Farmington, UT - Consumer Engagement Marketing firm.

Near-Death Experiencer, Best Selling Author, International Speaker, Shaman, Reiki Master, Minister. Interested in diverse spiritual practices and committed to raising the consciousness of humankind. More Information